Hi I'm KarenLee, a self proclaimed "COUGAR" and host of the KarenLee Poter YouTube Channel. I created the channel after my husband passed away, and I was thrown into the singles' world. On the show, I share my passions, tips, humor and confidence builders with a no-holds barred approach. I interview guests throughout the world from porn stars to plastic surgeons on topics that few dare to discuss. Currently over 16,000 people subscribe to the show and 12,000 follow me on Instagram.  

I co-host a podcast, Sex Talk With My Mom with my standup comedian son, Cameron. On the show, you're guaranteed to hear the most interesting dynamic duo since Batman and Robin. On Sex Talk With My Mom, we break down all the traditional barriers to discussing sex between mother and son. It's the ultimate podcast about the birds and the bees. 

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