10 Places To Meet Older Women

10 Places To Meet Older Women

Younger men constantly ask me: Where can I find a hot MILF? Where can I meet an older woman? Where are the Cougar Dens? The answers are simple: Everywhere! Older women can be approached in coffee shops, grocery stores and gyms. However, if you’d like to increase your chances of finding available single older women, here is the equivalent to having a “Cougar Tracking Device.” The most important hack would be for you to get into the mindset of an older woman. Where would she go on a Friday night with her friends? What does she like to do for fun? What type of music does she listen to? Does she like to dance? What are the things she’s most passionate about? Obviously older women wouldn’t hang out in frat bars, dive bars or raves. Below are some of my inside tips on where you can maximize your chances of catching a cougar.

1) Go to bars where disco or Motown music is played. Older women have fond memories of dancing to the music of the 70’s and 80’s. I’ve been to several disco clubs where there are a disproportionate number of women to men – like 90% female, and wonder why more men haven’t figured this out? Yes you must get out there and dance, and No you don’t need to be John Travolta. Just make an effort even if that means swaying back and forth to the disco beat.

2) Food and wine festivals are magnets for older ladies. We love our wine, and there are festivals in every city all year long where the focus is on eating and drinking. You can easily join a group of women who are sampling wines or eating appetizers from famous chefs.

3) Music venues featuring live cover bands are prime meeting places for older women. Even if you’re not a big fan of a certain genre of music, it’s fun to observe and meet women who love to hang out and dance.  Certain restaurants clear out tables every weekend to make room for live bands after the dinner crowd is done. Restaurants with regular live music are favorites for Cougars to frequent on a regular basis. Insider trick: You can get the scoop on specific women simply by asking the bartender.

4) Upscale hotel bars are easy places to find traveling hot older women and/or local women who like the sophisticated atmosphere. Don’t worry that the drinks may be out of your price range, simply pre-game at home and drink soda when you’re out. Older women know you don’t have unlimited funds and may actually buy you a round or two.

5) Piano bars are among the best places to find older uninhibited women who like to croon with the pianists. If you enjoy singing, this would be a great opportunity to show off your pipes and meet women simultaneously.

6) Karaoke bars are great for those who like hilarious entertainment and/or performing. You’ll be able to scope out which women are confident enough to go on stage or those who prefer to watch. You can strut your stuff by getting up and showing the ladies how it’s done.

7) Steak houses and roof top restaurants with bars are a favorite for multiple reasons. Many times the bar areas are where women prefer to hang out, since they don’t want to eat a large meals in the restaurant. There are sometimes small bands in the bar or a pianist who offers sing-a-longs. It’s easy to approach the women who sit at high tops or at the bar, rather than go up to tables while they’re eating in dining rooms.

8) Yoga or Female dominant gym classes have a larger ratio of women to men, and are great places to meet cougars. Older women are very conscious of staying in shape so they work out a lot. You can meet them in any work out facility, but yoga is my recommendation to be guaranteed a more women heavy class.

9) Getting involved in charity organizations or special interest groups are ideal ways to meet women without being obvious “pick up places.” Confident passionate women like to be involved in activities that promote their agendas. These groups can be political, religious or activity driven like biking or hiking.

10) Cougar dating events and “ladies nights” at restaurants are where you’ll have better chances of older women showing up. Joining cougar dating websites and sites like Swing Towns will definitely be more targeted to an older group of women who are interested in a wilder life style. Here’s a link to my live interactive YouTube stream called: 10 Best Places To Pick Up Older Women.

The most important thing to remember is to get out of your seat and introduce yourself to older women. Remember, no matter how many attractive older women come your way, if you don’t approach them, you’ll miss your chance. Enjoy and happy hunting!

The Ten Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone


The 10 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

As the New Year rolls around and we make dramatic changes in our lives, many re-evaluate their relationships and decide to end them. It’s never easy and as Neil Sedaka wrote, “Breaking up is hard to do,” however…there are really bad ways in which to let go. The best way to break up is obviously to be honest and compassionate. Here are some of the not so great ways:

1) Texting. This is a chicken’s way out. A discussion is warranted even if it’s a brief phone conversation. See number two.

2) The Phone. Better than texting but not as good as an in-person convo, a phone conversation isn’t all that personal, especially if you’ve been together for any length of time. Do you owe it to the other person to look him/her in the eye?

3) Ghosting! Worse than texting and phoning, the ultimate “fuck you” is “ghosting.” The Urban Dictionary defines it as “the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating but no longer wishes to date.” This leaves the ghosted person flapping in the wind and if you ever see him/her again, you better run.

4) Moving. Having your partner come home to an empty house not knowing where you went is just wrong. Let’s just say moving is to be used in abusive or domestic violence situations only.

5) Cheating. Being caught in the act or hearing about it from others fosters a lot of negative Karma. As we all know, Karma’s a bitch, so don’t do something stupid. If you want to be with other people, talk about it. If it means the demise of your relationship, so be it. Sounds easy? It isn’t, but it’s the right thing to do.

6) Sex with his/her best friend. This will definitely get your message across, but do you really want to get into that hot mess of a triangle? If you want to shatter friendships, trust and self-confidence, this will be the ultimate hat-trick way of breaking up.

7) Saying, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Come on, no one believes that crap. Tell the truth, pull off the Band-Aid off and move on.

8) Lying. My mother always told me, “Go with the truth,” and it has served me well. If you don’t have the same feelings any longer and want to break it off, don’t make up some BS just to get out of telling the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but in the long run, it’s the best way to do it.

9) Instigating a fight. This would come under the heading, “passive aggressive behavior,” which is not a mature way of handling the situation. Take the freaking high road and don’t start a fight so it looks like it wasn’t your idea to end things.

10) Telling other people first. Don’t tell your friends or even worse, change your Facebook status to “single” prior to telling the soon to be Ex. If you want to end it, give the person first hand knowledge. No one wants to be dumped and look like a fool.

 As Marilyn Monroe stated, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Breakups are part of life, but doing them in the right way will never fail you. Want to hear more discussion on sex and relationships? Check out my YouTube channel: KarenLee Poter and Podcast: Sex Talk With My Mom.


Lose The List, Embrace The Sparks Of Joy

Why is it so hard to "meet" that special person? My theory: People have a pre-conceived notion of who their prince or princess should be and aren't open-minded to thinking outside the box. It's that simple! Do you wonder why the same single friends keep dating the same available men or women in their backyard? They re-circulate the available crop of singles and don't step out of the circle to see who may be an awesome change of pace. When I first became single, I got caught up in that linear thought process. I went right for the available men in my geographical area, same race, same age, same religion, economic status, blah blah blah. But why? Mainly because it's a habit and it's "easy." It didn't work out for me at all. Being a trail blazer I found a man who was from a different part of the country, quite a bit younger than me with several other differences. Guess what? The naysayers (and there were plenty) were wrong! We've been happily (most of the time) together for over 8 years. This could happen to you if you toss out your list of qualifications for that person who you ride off with into the sunset and instead open your heart to the person who "sparks joy." 

My Secret Smoothie Recipe - It's Garden Of Life Raw Fit With Green Super Food

Today is your lucky day. I decided to share my favorite smoothie recipe with you! I've been enjoying Garden Of Life protein shakes for several years. I've tried several brands and this one is my favorite. Why Garden Of Life? For starters, it's organic, glutton free, vegan, low calorie, high protein and most of all DELICIOUS! I combine the shake mix with Garden Of Life, perfect food which is a good way to add vegetables. This also fills me up so I'm not hungry until at least lunch, lol. I'm NOT being paid to write this, I just can't keep this product line to myself, that would be selfish! So here it is in the form of picture collage: 

KarenLee's Garden Of Life Raw Fit Smoothie With Green Super Food Recipe:

1/2 cup blueberries

1 scoop raw fit protein powder

1 scoop Perfect Food energizer

1/2 banana 

1 cup almond milk

4 ice cubes 

Blend together and voila! It's yummy! Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook. :)



A Cougar's 10 Relationship Tips For Guys


Here are my favorite 10 relationship tips for guys: 1) Communication is key. Nobody is a mind reader and talking is the only way of knowing what’s on someone’s mind. Become aware of her body language as well. If she’s telling you everything is fine, yet her eyes are glaring and her hands are on her hips, you’ll know that it’s not “all good.”

2) Trust is very essential. If you know you have each other’s back, your relationship will thrive. Don’t lie, cheat, or be dishonest.

3) Say you’re sorry and admit when you’re wrong. This is a biggie. If your need to be right is more important than your woman’s feelings, you both lose. You’ll both win if you can compromise and see each other’s side.

4) Take care of yourself physically and mentally. She wants to be with a happy balanced man and if you aren’t, it’ll affect your relationship. Like on an airplane when the oxygen masks drop, you’re always supposed to put it on yourself before placing it on others.

5) Be kind and respectful to each other. Keep your cell phone out of your relationship.

6) Have fun and stay positive. She’ll want to be around you if you’re happy and fun to be with.

7) Make time for yourself – don’t lose your identity, your friends, or passions.

8) Stay sexual with your partner and always make her feel sexy and desirable.

9) Be thoughtful with cards, gifts, and small tokens of affection.

10) Remember that fighting is ok, but don’t let issues fester. You may need to take a time out and when you come back, LISTEN to each other.

Be her best friend. Enough said!

Brand New Formula Garden Of Life - Raw Meal Give-A-Way

I admit it - I'm addicted to the Garden Of Life products. In particular, I love the "Raw Meal" organic shake. It's very low in sugar and high in protein. It tastes great and it's organic, vegan, gluten and dairy free. I make a shake every morning with berries, kale, almond milk and a banana. I'd love for you to try it so I'm offering a free product to five lucky winners. All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter on my home page and let me know by email - karen@karenleepoter.com.

Male Porn Star's Tips On Oral Sex

Who knows more about kissing and giving a girl great oral sex than someone like Derek Pierce, a porn star who's had sex with over 3500 women? This video contains the best sex advice for men and the women who want to teach them! Derrick Pierce and I talk about why "eating pussy" is his favorite sex activity and his 6 tips for being great at kissing and oral sex. The formal term for "eating pussy is cunnilingus." Cunnilingus is an oral sex act performed by a person on a female's clitoris and other parts of the vagina. Derrick is funny and has some hilarious quotes like,"It's not about the triangle." He says: take your time, observe and talk during sex, take cues from her, establish a connection when you kiss and enjoy the dance. Watch this excellent and entertaining sex advice video. He loves oral sex! Why? He likes to control the pleasure of the woman. Derek says, "I don't need to get my dick sucked." He likes to be in charge of the timing and intensity of her orgasm. He wants her to beg a man to eat her pussy. Talking is essential to great sex."So if I do that again, are you going to hold your breath again?" "If you want legitimate interaction, don't be on fast forward," Derek says. I asked, "What makes a good kiss?" "It's all intention - having a good kiss is kind of like a dance." Derek's favorite position is girl on top. He likes giving eye contact and positioning her around during sex. To see more of Derek Pierce and other porn stars, check out my YouTube channel playlist

Coffee Or Dinner On A Blind Date?


“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” Elliott AbramsDon’t do dinner on a blind date even if he’s supposed to look like George Clooney! This is one of the biggest lessons I learned when I became single again. Why break bread with someone who you know after a few minutes you won’t see again? Here is a recent conversation with a friend regarding a her blind date: Me: How was your date with George Clooney? Ellie: It was a disaster! It lasted two hours and he only slightly resembled him. Me: What? How could that be? Ellie: We went to dinner in Greek Town. I listened for hours about his retirement and golf game. It was like watching paint peel except worse. Me: Why didn’t you leave? Ellie: I felt bad ‘cause he seemed to be enjoying the company and I was hungry. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Me: So he paid for the meal? Ellie: Yes and then he wanted to come up to my apartment after sharing an Uber. I told him to Uber on home. Me: Did you like anything about him? Ellie: No, at one point he told me that he lived three hours away but if he found the right person he would move closer to the city. He then winked at me and tapped my leg. He knocked it so hard, I think I have a bruise. This is example is why a meet and greet at Starbucks is the best first date. If George Clooney is more like George McFly (Back To The Future), you can get out of Dodge much easier after a Grande Latte than a full gyros dinner. It’s also a lot easier for the guy to digest if he’s the one forking over the check. If your time is precious – and whose isn’t, it’s much better eating a burger at home and binge watching “Orange Is The New Black.” It’s also more compassionate to leave after a cup of coffee, since he won’t be as disappointed when you turn him down for future dates. If money is an issue for him, he won’t be resentful or have expectations since you’ve only set him back a few bucks for the latte. What if he turns out to be Clooney’s clone? There’s always a second date with some shish kabob.

How Does A Younger Guy Approach An Older Woman?


Note: This article is written by Cubby BearApproaching an older woman, just like approaching a younger woman, is very easy. Just put one foot in front of the other until you're standing close enough to talk! The hard part, of course, is having something sufficiently witting and charming to say so that she's willing to have a conversation with you. It's the second part that's much easier with older women.

Maybe it's because they've already heard every cheese-dick line already. As a rule, if you want to get into the cougar game, get rid of all your pick up lines. ALL OF THEM. They don't work. They just convince a woman that you're an immature shitbag who thinks that pickup lines actually work. I can't tell you how many times i've observed men go down in a flaming wreck after an ill-advised pick up line, only for the woman to joke with me about it after the fact.

Or a divorcee may already feel insecure with her status as a single person and empathize with the difficulty of approaching a stranger and respect your courage. It could be that an older woman just hasn't gotten hit on that much and appreciates the attention. (if she's hot, she may have been hit on frequently while married, and either didn't notice, or chose not to notice - women have this amazing ability to view the world the way they want it to work) Older, newly single women often don't realize how absolutely, hands down, smoking hot they are. This is only made worse when a woman is left by her husband for some 25 year old bimbo. I used to get criticized by my friends for dating women in their 40s and 50s, and they would always say the same thing: "She's old!" to which I would always say "Hot is hot." There are plenty of older women who are objectively hot by any traditional measure that guys look at: boobs, butt, legs, face, whatever your thing. Case in point: J Lo., Heidi Klum, Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Beckinsale, Elle McPherson, Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara and on, and on, and on...... (not that you're dating Hollywood hotties, but it's not like women have an expiration date like apples. Simply turning 40 doesn't mean a woman has been retired to the trash heap of hottness)

It could also be that the woman has been out of the dating game for a long time and has forgotten the dynamic of men hitting on women. A younger, attractive, woman EXPECTS men to hit on her in a bar, at a restaurant, at work, the street, the gym, the grocery store, and pretty much everywhere else. As a result, it doesn't register in her brain that someone may be legitimately interested in her; she will just brush it off as "another creep." An older woman may have forgotten that this is a common occurrence and thus, more likely to at least give you a 2 minute conversation.

I'm sure that it depends on the woman, and it's probably some combination of all of these things. In any case, simply saying "hello" (like a normal fucking person) and making a context-appropriate comment should do the trick. By that I mean, if you're in a bar, offer to buy her a drink. If you're smart, you'll look at what she's been drinking and offer to buy the same. (If she's got a brown liquid in her glass, don't offer to buy her a vodka) If you're a restaurant, make a recommendation about what to order. I think grocery store pick-ups are weird (usually a woman is there to stock her fridge, not her lady bits) but help her find an item or make a recommendation between two brands. Compliments are nice, but be careful. You start talking about how much you love the cut of her new dress and you're going to get "friend zoned" quicker than a sailor catching chlamydia in a Bangkok whorehouse. Or even worse, she might just assume you’re gay and then you're really SOL. The main thing is to have a follow-up comment. Don't stop at "hello." She may give you 60 seconds more than some 24-year-old uptight, gold-digger, but that still only leaves you 90 seconds. Whatever you do, don't ask about her kids, her ex-husband, her divorce, or anything else that reminds her that she is supposed to a responsible adult, rather than cavorting around with a fresh piece of meat.

Lollapalooza Highlights 2015 - An Over 40 POV

This is a fun recap of my 3 day Lollapalooza experience. There are some really hilarious, emotional and disgusting moments in this clip. I know you enjoy this 'cause it's filled with pictures and videos.

I Need YOUR Opinion

I recently had professional photos taken for my media kit and website. I'd love to get your opinion on which one is your favorite shot. They were taken by my talented pal, Phil Goldman of Photographic Design.


I'm Vain And Ready For Battle


I'm going to come right out and say this: I'm vain. Yup, call it what you want but I like to look youthful and sexy. I admit that it's an ongoing process since the sun, gravity, pollution, alcohol and many other factors are at war with my face. I'm constantly battling wrinkles, sun spots, and other age related appearance threatening demons. I'm the first to tell you that I get Botox and fillers to keep my face looking the best it can under the circumstances. That being said, it's counterproductive for me to leave the house without a sunscreen and moisturizer on my face. The problem I found when searching for the perfect blend of moisture and sunscreen is that a lot of the creams cause blemishes and make my face look white, greasy, or pasty. This is not the look I'm going for!Guess what? I found my favorite everyday face cream with a SPF 30 sunscreen. It's Pevonia Botanica's "Ligne Speciale Youth Renew Tinted Cream Spf 30." It's smooth, fragrant, and very lightly tinted to actually cause a subtle glow. This is the first product line that doesn't make me breakout or have any of the other nasty side effects which contain sunscreen.

I'm at Blogher 2015 Conference


So the airplane ride from Chicago to NYC was a little scary because I happened to be sitting next to a girl who was clutching a vomit bag. She announced that she had been puking all morning. I avoided the potential exposure to Sars by moving to a different seat, but had another negative experience when I went to the bathroom. The flight attendant in first class informed me that she would need to "have a word with me." Yikes, I felt like I was being sent to the principal's office. She wasn't happy with me going to the bathroom when the pilot was in there. I somehow should've known not to go near that area when he's taking a leak. She told me it wasn't funny even though I wasn't laughing.

The trip became much more fun when I had ice cream for lunch and then met all these new people at the bar at Milos. It's a tad (ok a lot) expensive, but delicious even though I could only afford a salad. The martini was great, bartender Natalia was terrific. I love meeting funny and lively new peeps!


After that I was able to catch a Broadway show with Sutton Foster called, "Wild Party." That was an incredible sexy show! I snuck the pic below at the end of the show. Brandon Victor Dixon is an amazing actor and a hottie!


I'm learning so much at this conference. I'm in NYC and there are so many friendly, funny, and enlightening people here. I found out that being vulnerable and sharing my life with you - the reader is a good thing. I may share too much but that's ok right? Here are some pics from the conference so far. Soledad O'brien and Gwyneth Paltrow were phenomenal speakers! More to come...


What's Your Zodiac Sign? What's The Sexiest Astrological Sign?


To find out the answers to the questions in the title -watch my video with astrology guru Cheryl Kaminski. Cheryl and I talk about why I had no choice about my career which focuses on SEX. Why? Because it is written all over my astrological chart. Scorpio is the sexual sign of the zodiac - everyone knows that. Apparently Pluto (ruled by Scorpio) is where my career is located, and I have a lot of Scorpio action in my 8th house which is career. So basically it's no wonder that I focus on talking about sex rather than cooking. I'm also a terrible cook so that's a good thing. I learned which are the best signs in the bedroom. If you're an Aries, you'll want sex anytime and anywhere in your house, swinging from the rafters or chained to a wall. The problem is Aries men can get too excited and sex may end too soon. Aries men should check out Promescent a product I reviewed to make men last longer in bed in this video: Cougar Hot Tips: How Men Can Last Longer In Bed To purchase Promescent, click here. If you're a Taurus, you're into foreplay. Geminis like to think about sex a lot before going right at it and Capricorns tend to be boring in bed. Libras love romance and need to have the right lighting in bed and we all know that Scorpios rule in the sack. Scorpios also are mysterious which is a turn on for most people as well.

Find out a little of each zodiac sign in this hilarious and entertaining video. If you'd like to have your chart interpreted by Cheryl, comment here on this video leaving your first name, date and time of birth, place of birth and if you know that info on your partner, leave that here too. Unfortunately we can only get to a few charts.

To see part one of my interview on astrology, Zodiac Signs, Sex, George Clooney, Channing Tatum & KarenLee , click here.

Why Jennifer Garner's "Mindful" Marriage Wasn't "Fine"


The world is shocked: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce. People on social media are wildly hypothesizing as to what happened. I don’t know them personally so far be it for me to speculate, but I will discuss a statement of Jennifer's regarding her marriage I found to be intriguing in People Magazine. This is what it said: “In a 2014 interview with InStyle, Garner spoke of the couple's ‘mindful’ marriage, noting that their relationship was no longer in the ‘courtship’ phase – but that she was fine with it.”

Jennifer – please don’t ever be “fine” not having a strong feeling of intimacy, fun and excitement around your partner. Why wouldn't you  always want to feel love and passion for each other rather than complacency? You may not have a heart thumping swoony feeling when he walks in the room like the initial stage of a relationship, but you want something more than “mindful.” Mindful sounds boring and tedious like a chore!

A relationship has to be prioritized. I remember having young kids and putting all my energy into them at the expense of my husband. Later when my husband passed away, I regretted that loss of time with him more than anything. Every marriage needs attention. It must be stirred and tended to like a fine stew. If it becomes “mindful” does that mean it becomes a task being together?

What does a “mindful marriage” mean? I think of mindful when it comes to eating. You don’t want to watch TV and eat your lunch. You want to be present and enjoy each bite of your sandwich. I also think of mindful when it means focusing on your breathing during Yoga class. What does it mean when a marriage is mindful as opposed to fun or entertaining? Where's the passion and joy spending time together? It sounds like mindful is the best thing she could come up with to describe a lack luster marriage. Next time around, I hope if Jennifer's relationship moves past the courtship phase, she’ll only be "fine" if it stays permanently in the honeymoon phase.

Check out my racy blogs and vlogs on dating, sex, love and everything in-between on The KarenLee Poter Show.