Lose The List, Embrace The Sparks Of Joy

Why is it so hard to "meet" that special person? My theory: People have a pre-conceived notion of who their prince or princess should be and aren't open-minded to thinking outside the box. It's that simple! Do you wonder why the same single friends keep dating the same available men or women in their backyard? They re-circulate the available crop of singles and don't step out of the circle to see who may be an awesome change of pace. When I first became single, I got caught up in that linear thought process. I went right for the available men in my geographical area, same race, same age, same religion, economic status, blah blah blah. But why? Mainly because it's a habit and it's "easy." It didn't work out for me at all. Being a trail blazer I found a man who was from a different part of the country, quite a bit younger than me with several other differences. Guess what? The naysayers (and there were plenty) were wrong! We've been happily (most of the time) together for over 8 years. This could happen to you if you toss out your list of qualifications for that person who you ride off with into the sunset and instead open your heart to the person who "sparks joy."