10 Places To Meet Older Women

10 Places To Meet Older Women

Younger men constantly ask me: Where can I find a hot MILF? Where can I meet an older woman? Where are the Cougar Dens? The answers are simple: Everywhere! Older women can be approached in coffee shops, grocery stores and gyms. However, if you’d like to increase your chances of finding available single older women, here is the equivalent to having a “Cougar Tracking Device.” The most important hack would be for you to get into the mindset of an older woman. Where would she go on a Friday night with her friends? What does she like to do for fun? What type of music does she listen to? Does she like to dance? What are the things she’s most passionate about? Obviously older women wouldn’t hang out in frat bars, dive bars or raves. Below are some of my inside tips on where you can maximize your chances of catching a cougar.

1) Go to bars where disco or Motown music is played. Older women have fond memories of dancing to the music of the 70’s and 80’s. I’ve been to several disco clubs where there are a disproportionate number of women to men – like 90% female, and wonder why more men haven’t figured this out? Yes you must get out there and dance, and No you don’t need to be John Travolta. Just make an effort even if that means swaying back and forth to the disco beat.

2) Food and wine festivals are magnets for older ladies. We love our wine, and there are festivals in every city all year long where the focus is on eating and drinking. You can easily join a group of women who are sampling wines or eating appetizers from famous chefs.

3) Music venues featuring live cover bands are prime meeting places for older women. Even if you’re not a big fan of a certain genre of music, it’s fun to observe and meet women who love to hang out and dance.  Certain restaurants clear out tables every weekend to make room for live bands after the dinner crowd is done. Restaurants with regular live music are favorites for Cougars to frequent on a regular basis. Insider trick: You can get the scoop on specific women simply by asking the bartender.

4) Upscale hotel bars are easy places to find traveling hot older women and/or local women who like the sophisticated atmosphere. Don’t worry that the drinks may be out of your price range, simply pre-game at home and drink soda when you’re out. Older women know you don’t have unlimited funds and may actually buy you a round or two.

5) Piano bars are among the best places to find older uninhibited women who like to croon with the pianists. If you enjoy singing, this would be a great opportunity to show off your pipes and meet women simultaneously.

6) Karaoke bars are great for those who like hilarious entertainment and/or performing. You’ll be able to scope out which women are confident enough to go on stage or those who prefer to watch. You can strut your stuff by getting up and showing the ladies how it’s done.

7) Steak houses and roof top restaurants with bars are a favorite for multiple reasons. Many times the bar areas are where women prefer to hang out, since they don’t want to eat a large meals in the restaurant. There are sometimes small bands in the bar or a pianist who offers sing-a-longs. It’s easy to approach the women who sit at high tops or at the bar, rather than go up to tables while they’re eating in dining rooms.

8) Yoga or Female dominant gym classes have a larger ratio of women to men, and are great places to meet cougars. Older women are very conscious of staying in shape so they work out a lot. You can meet them in any work out facility, but yoga is my recommendation to be guaranteed a more women heavy class.

9) Getting involved in charity organizations or special interest groups are ideal ways to meet women without being obvious “pick up places.” Confident passionate women like to be involved in activities that promote their agendas. These groups can be political, religious or activity driven like biking or hiking.

10) Cougar dating events and “ladies nights” at restaurants are where you’ll have better chances of older women showing up. Joining cougar dating websites and sites like Swing Towns will definitely be more targeted to an older group of women who are interested in a wilder life style. Here’s a link to my live interactive YouTube stream called: 10 Best Places To Pick Up Older Women.

The most important thing to remember is to get out of your seat and introduce yourself to older women. Remember, no matter how many attractive older women come your way, if you don’t approach them, you’ll miss your chance. Enjoy and happy hunting!