I'm Vain And Ready For Battle


I'm going to come right out and say this: I'm vain. Yup, call it what you want but I like to look youthful and sexy. I admit that it's an ongoing process since the sun, gravity, pollution, alcohol and many other factors are at war with my face. I'm constantly battling wrinkles, sun spots, and other age related appearance threatening demons. I'm the first to tell you that I get Botox and fillers to keep my face looking the best it can under the circumstances. That being said, it's counterproductive for me to leave the house without a sunscreen and moisturizer on my face. The problem I found when searching for the perfect blend of moisture and sunscreen is that a lot of the creams cause blemishes and make my face look white, greasy, or pasty. This is not the look I'm going for!Guess what? I found my favorite everyday face cream with a SPF 30 sunscreen. It's Pevonia Botanica's "Ligne Speciale Youth Renew Tinted Cream Spf 30." It's smooth, fragrant, and very lightly tinted to actually cause a subtle glow. This is the first product line that doesn't make me breakout or have any of the other nasty side effects which contain sunscreen.

Tired of sex being 5 minutes or less?


We all know women take longer to get in the mood. Foreplay is king for us girls. What happens to those guys who can't seem to last more than a few minutes during the actual act of sex? This can be disappointing to both men and women. It can be traumatic if it happens repeatedly. Good news! There is a product that will help men maintain their erection without climaxing so quickly. It's called Promescent! The great thing about Promescent is that it can be titrated out to the exact needs of the guy while having no effect on the woman. It gets absorbed into the shaft of the penis so there is no loss of sensation for the woman and the man can even wash it off after the application. This could be a wonder product that may save your relationship. Try it by clicking here: Watch my video: Cougar Hot Tips: How Men Can Last Longer In Bed PROMESCENT Logo Main (1)1



Raw Fit Protein Powder - Why I love it!


Raw-Fit-Banner (2)Are you someone who is constantly trying to balance the battle with gravity pulling everything down, weight gain in the wrong places, exercising without breaking anything, and good nutrition? – Please note: I didn’t say DIET! If you answered yes to any of those, you’re like me – someone trying to look and feel great for as long as humanely possible. Without boring you with the particular “lifestyle change” I’m on right now i.e. DIET, I’d like to tell you about a protein powder I’ve enjoyed. Everyone’s into protein powders lately, so I’ve researched and found the best one for my needs. It’s called: Garden of Life’s Raw Fit.

Usually a product that is vegan, organic, raw, dairy free, gluten free, and soy free tastes like a piece of chalk, right? Not the case here – in fact there are three different flavors and they all taste great.

I was immediately skeptical because the label states that it fights cravings, burns fat and satisfies hunger. After trying them, believe it or not, they live up to those statements. I enjoy the taste and I feel more energized.

Here’s my morning smoothie recipe:

Blend a handful of green leafy vegetables, half of a cucumber, a cup of almond milk, 4 ice cubes with a scoop of Raw Fit. Find out more click here



I love all the Lelo Products and wouldn't use any other personal massager. The designs are perfect for solo use or with a partner. Each vibrator is made of the best quality material and is fully rechargeable. No need for batteries that leak and run out at the worst times. The Lelo vibrators are waterproof and last for hours. They have a 10 year warrantee!

My favorites are Tiani 2 (couples massager) , Nea (for use with and without a partner) and the Ina 2. These products are worth the investment and will give you years of pleasure that you deserve. Treat yourself.

Watch the entertaining video of our "50 Shades Of Fun" party where I demonstrate and discuss the many uses of Lelo personal massagers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Rp2flue6s

Personal Lubricant Review - Sex Butter by KarenLee Poter & Bonnie Gayle


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9Cdp6xDERA Sex Butter is an organic personal lubricant that is smooth, silky and highly desirable for sex and achieving orgasms. Watch KarenLee and Bonnie Gayle discuss the "quickies" that can happen using Sex Butter. To order Sex Butter go to: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=1487061