Does Your Vagina Have A Personal Trainer? Read This!


If I tell you that I have a personal trainer who has made a world of difference in my abs and butt muscles, you'll listen up - right? So listen up: I'm hear to tell you about a personal trainer for a private area that is very important and rarely discussed - YOUR VAGINA! She's not a live person, in fact she's only about two inches long, but boy does she work wonders! I've always heard about kegel muscles and how important it is to strengthen them, but had no clue what this meant. That all ended when I tried, Lelo's Luna Smart Bead. It is a game changer! In a few short weeks I've advanced from beginner to intermediate kegel muscle pro. I hope to be at the advanced level soon!LELO_Femme-Homme_LUNA-SMART-BEAD_product-1_pink_1 How does this very personal trainer work? You insert the sleek Luna Smart Bead in your vagina as instructed for five minutes a day. Upon insertion you'll feel a vibration which means it's time to squeeze your vagina, and then relax after the vibration stops. Lelo calls this "personalized pleasure training." Basically you contract and relax through an easy-to-follow routine that is touch-sensored. She's battery operated and waterproof too!

There are several reasons why you should follow the guidance of your vagina personal trainer. The major benefit I find is that my orgasms are stronger. It's also easier to reach a climax and enables me to be in a more sexual mood. Your partner will feel the difference as well - especially years after childbirth and the earth's gravitational pull. Another benefit - you'll have more bladder control! No more laughing and peeing at the same time! You'll probably save money on panty liners. Find out more in this fun video: My Vagina's Personal Trainer - Kegel Exercises 101. Purchase your Lelo Luna Smart Bead - click here