How To Have A HOT & SEXY Valentine's Night Would you like to know the secrets to having a HOT & SEXY Valentine's night? Valentine's day is one of the only days that encourages romance and sexuality. Sure there's your anniversary, birthday, or "Sweetest Day," but the one with the hearts and flowers is Valentine's Day. Speaking from both sides of the marital fence, it's exciting to have someone to hold on Valentine's Day. So if you have someone, make it a memorable Valentine's night this year. I was married for 24 years and every year my husband would bring home a new vibrator or piece of lingerie. Unfortunately he passed away, but those hot memories are still burning in my mind. I currently live with a man, and I want to keep the romance and sexy tradition going with him. I know the importance of keeping the spark alive. If you don't fan the fire, it's likely to burn out. That is a KarenLee original quote - feel free to tweet it.

Here are some awesome ideas for spicing it up this Valentine's night. Preparation is key for a sensual evening of fun. If you're not in a relationship, you can utilize some of the tips as a single guy or girl - you just need to be open to the idea that you don't need a partner to pleasure yourself. So here are my secrets to making this night rock:

- Clean sheets and a freshly made bed. It seems simple, but lots of people forget this basic concept. Nothing screams anti-romance like stained sheets and dirty covers!

- Freshly showered and groomed bodies. This includes bathing, finger and toe nails clipped, teeth brushed, and private parts trimmed up so the person you're with is turned on not off getting naked with you.

- Sexy music playlist with a stereo system or boombox It doesn't matter if your romantic musical taste is Marvin Gaye or JayZ, get it ready ahead of time so you don't kill the mood figuring out how to get the bluetooth going. You don't want to keep getting up in the middle of sex to change the song so make your playlist ahead of time.

- Scented candles Great sex utilizes all senses. If you get a few candles burning, several senses will be activated. A candle lit bedroom is great for making all those blemishes and pounds fade away.

- Lingerie and boxers without holes Wearing sexy teddies, thigh highs and crotchless panties are an instant turn on to both you and your partner. Men need to realize that boxers that are ripped and falling apart are NOT a turn on. Warning: If you are attempting to put on thigh high stockings, test them out before the evening since it requires a PHD sometimes to figure out how they're clipped onto the lingerie.

-Massage oil and personal lubricant A massage is great foreplay and warms up the body. Adding massage oil and lube to the mix will get the juices flowing. Try Sex Butter if you're looking for a long lasting smooth feel that happens to be organic. There are lubes such as Trojan's "Arouses and Intensifies" which will stimulate the areas that need stimulating.

-Sexy books like "The Lover's Guide To Kama Sutra" Finding a new sex position or reading about a different technique can get your engines running.

-Vibrators, whips, handcuffs or other adult toys My personal favorite vibrator is the Nea">"Nea" by Lelo because it can be used on the clitoris during sex, but there are others toys that are fun and sexy. If you want to go a little "50 Shades Of Grey," try introducing a rubber whip by Lelo. It's all in good fun and will give you something different to remember about the night. Variety is the spice of life!

-Refreshments Chocolates, strawberries, a bottle of water, and champagne will enhance your experience. Sex can work up an appetite and getting thirsty goes with the territory. Altoids will freshen your breath and can be used during oral sex too.

So those are my secrets to creating a hot and sexy Valentine's night. Watch my video to see the products and items that I mentioned. Send me your suggestions and I may mention them in future episodes of my YouTube channel: KarenLeePoter - LoveEncore