My Music Freak Is Back On!


What music gets you going? So many of my memories were made listening to songs over and over when I was in high school and college. I especially loved disco, Motown and classic rock. I have to admit I was a bit of a showtunes geek as well. A live concert was my happy place. Upon graduating and entering the work force, music sadly took a back seat. It re-surfaced when I gave birth to my three children, but most of that was kid oriented like, "The Wheels on the Bus" or "Twinkle Twinkle." I lost at least a decade of great stuff, but I knew every Raffi and Sesame Street Song. Don't cry for me Argentina, because my music addiction is back with a vengenance! I'm crazy about Indi and folk rock lately  due to the influence of my  boyfriend. When he first introduced me to it, I grumbled that it wasn't Earth Wind & Fire. Gradually I began to open my ears to a bunch of different genres of music. Music is once again a big part of my life! I can't imagine working out, making love or chilling with friends without it. I'm always excited when one of my kids introduces me to new song - they have thankfully outgrown "Mary Had A little Lamb." I frequently go to my happy places -concerts, and hear great live versions from artists such as Arcade Fire and Spoon.

Because music makes my heart soar, and I'm a super generous person, I have decided to share two playlists with you. My "WORKOUT" playlist is self explanatory, and my LOVE" playlist - well that's for you to decide when to whip out. Enjoy and please email me your thoughts. Sign up for my email list to receive updates on music and a whole bunch more!