The reviews are in - 5 stars for my book, "A Cougar's Guide To Getting Your ASS Back Out There!" Here's a note  I received that made my eyes well up with tears of joy:

Good evening Karen,

I received your book today, and just finished it moments ago.  I have a question:  On page 45, you mentioned a situation where a man said something along the lines of "I need to inform you that due to my prostate cancer, I need to press a button on my penis pump if we have sex."  Is this based on an actual event?  Has this dialogue been dropped on you?  It made me laugh hysterically, and strike fear in my heart (amongst other places) at the same time. 

Whilst that was a notable moment, it wasn't the most meaningful for me.  I especially enjoyed reading chapter 8, Redefining the Word Cougar, and chapter 11, The Cougar Effect. 

I could really relate to each of the aspect laid out in chapter 8.  As stated previously, I don't appreciate the negative connotations associated with the word cougar.  I really enjoyed reading each part of what makes cougars exceptional in your eyes. 

I must say chapter 11 was my favorite part.  I could relate 100% to the characteristics of the Cougar effect.  It has been a part of my life for 5 years, and I have learned to embrace it all. 

Ultimately, the book as a whole held a greater meaning for me in terms of the women in my life right now.  I have many friendships will older women.  Some I have dated, some are only friends.  However, I speak with them quite often about the subject of dating and the obstacles that come with age.  Every one of them have expressed self doubt about their appearance, their confidence, and their overall zeal. 

Your book literally addresses each and every concern, and how to overcome each barrier.  Right now I am trying to decide which one of my friends needs this book the most, because they ALL DO.  I'm actually considering purchasing additional copies. 

In summation, I had high expectations for this book, and I am happy to say that they were met, and then some.  I am very proud of you in the fact that you're bringing this culture to light.  I commend you for your efforts. 

I will be headed to Amazon right after this to write my review. 

Have a wonderful evening and keep up the good work :)

Best regards,