There's No Such Thing As A "Natural Beauty" Unless You're 18 Or Khaleesi


There's no such thing as a "natural beauty" unless you're 18 years old or you're Khaleesi! I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for saying this. The feminists reading this are probably staging a revolution at this very moment to ban me from writing future newsletters, but I'm being honest. Ali Wentworth (actress married to George Stephanopoulos) wrote a book, "Happily Ali After" in which she describes her plastic surgery to reduce the bags under her eyes. She states, "It started to really eat away at me. I just wanted to fix it and make it go away." Bravo Ali! Thanks for your frank openness. Let's be real, as women we innately thrive by looking and feeling the best we can. When I first became single, I told a friend that I was glad I had lost so much weight from grieving 'cause losing weight was one less thing I'd need to worry about going back into the dating scene. She was horrified! "Men aren't going to care if you're overweight," she stated indignantly. Um I beg to differ! After being in the single's world for many years, nothing could be more spot on. Maybe a few pounds aren't going to make or break a date, but a lot of extra poundage is going to turn those guys off big time. Ali says, "Richard Gere has white hair, and everyone's still like, "Oh, he's so sexy.' But believe me, if he had a wife with white hair, everyone would go, 'Why is Richard Gere married to this old lady?' It's a double standard, but it's not going to change for a long time." I couldn't agree more, stop trying to fight city hall, color your freakin hair and go to the gym. That's all for now. Hehe, I told you I'd be back to writing more superficial less Buddhist stuff than my last newsletter based on the "Serenity Prayer." But come to think of it, maybe this one falls under "the courage to change the things I can." To see last week's newsletter click here.