Would You Take A Walk On The Wild Side?


It’s Saturday night; you’re out with your buddies at a hot trendy club. You spot a very attractive woman from across the bar. She makes eye contact and smiles at you. Your heart thumps as you approach her. She laughs at your jokes and touches your thigh. You feel extremely aroused. You wonder; can I be this lucky? You ask her if she’d like to go someplace quieter. She nods, grabs your hand and suggests going to your place.You get to your door and begin kissing her passionately. You notice her breasts peeking out of her low cut silky blouse. She places your hand on her butt and you start unbuttoning her top. She starts to unzip your jeans and feels your super hard cock. You still haven’t had a chance to turn on the lights, as you lead her into your bedroom. You start to unbutton her skintight jeans, when suddenly you feel a bump that’s definitely not supposed to be there. IT’S A PENIS! Would you continue to have some form of sexual encounter knowing that you’re with a person who has male parts? I posed this question to a friend of mine who has an affinity towards having sex with “trannies.” He considers himself heterosexual. He believes that most men would have some type of sex if put in the situation described above. Bruce Jenner’s openness about his decision to release his inner woman has prompted me to pose this question to the males who watch my YouTube channel, “The KarenLee Poter Show.” In the episode, “What If "SHE" Turned Out To Be "HE?" I asked my viewers what they’d do if this happened to them. Here’s a sampling of their responses:

“No. No. No, I would not continue! I would be extremely disgusted. Then I would be extremely angry! Look...that is being deceitful and IMHO full disclosure is required! I don't have issue with Transgender men. If that is how they feel, but a potential sexual partner should know what they are getting into.”

“I would kill that fucker on the spot”

“Definitely no way. If I wanted to be with a man, Id stay home and jerk off. hahaha.”

“People can do whatever they want with their bodies, BUT, Not telling a guy something that drastic is not going to put them at the top of the popularity list. They have a responsibility to tell the truth about their sexuality, period.”

“Deception appears to be a BIG no no. It is one thing to watch some tv show about them/celebs or get makeup tips from one. It is totally different when it is only about what you want from your significant other/lover.”

“It depends on the man, if he is comfortable with transgender, its ok, if he wants all woman, he would be nice and let the transgender woman know that he wants all woman. Some men goes both ways, some men wants all woman. For one thing, the transgender woman should let the man know before it gets any deeper.”

“No real man wants to waste his time talking to a man in a dress with plastic tits. only a gay man would be interested in a trannie. you lie about your sex to trick men into gay sex then, you deserve any retaliation sent your way.”

“My honest opinion; I prefer the natural-born(real) woman. I know guys who like transgenders, but that's just not my scene.”

After reading these comments, it seems that the main issue is the deception. The false advertising as a biological female and the feeling that you were “duped” can produce anger, which may lead to violence. There are men who may be comfortable enjoying sex with either males or females as long as they know what they’re dealing with from the start. There are also men who are ashamed and afraid to admit that they’d go for it. The 1948 Kinsey Report states: 37% of males had a least some overt homosexual experience to orgasm. I found this comment to be one of the most honest: “Is he/she gonna take care of my hardon? If so. I think id just go for it then never speak of it again.”

What would you do? Would you run for the hills or would you as Lou Reed puts it, “Take A Walk On The Wild Side?”

The difference between an informed lover and an ignorant dude

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK7vGGBroAk "I wrote dat chapter a looooong time ago :))" This is a post I received on my facebook wall after I shared my interview with celebrity porn star and sex educator, #NinaHartley - "How to perform amazing oral sex on a woman (part 1) with Nina Hartley."

Sorry dude, but if you watched and learned anything from this video, it's that there's always room to learn and that all women are unique. We are all lovely snowflakes with different beautiful vaginas! How can you really boast about "writing dat chapter" as if there was nothing to learn from someone as experienced with both men and women as a porn star, sex educator and author? Here's one of my favorite lines from the interview: "The difference between tolerating penetration and craving penetration is fifteen minutes." During those precious minutes, a lot of exploring, teasing, and unique communicating must occur between the couple. It all comes down to a Buddha quote, "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." Dude, learn from everything and there are a lot of chapters that still need writing. For anyone wanting to better their sex life and provide orgasms for their partner, watch the videos, learn from them, and write some new novels!

Choose Your Face Over Your Ass


Are you over 40 and still trying to be ultra thin? Here are 10 reasons why you should think twice. I've always agreed with my sorority sister’s favorite saying, "You can never be too skinny or too rich." I rationalized that being uber rich might have its problems, but I would deal with them while traveling throughout the world on my yacht. However, as I passed my 40th birthday marker, I began to question, "Can you be too skinny?" I looked in the mirror and concluded that her theory on never being too skinny had some serious drawbacks. Sure, when you're super skinny, you'll be able to fit into your bikini from 1975, and slide into your size two jeans with ease, but these advantages come at the expense of something far more valuable — YOUR FACE!

After a certain age, you will need to make THE CHOICE. What's more important…your face or your ass? After extensive personal research, I've determined that my face is by far the winner. Click here for a video demonstration, and read on to discover ten reasons why you should choose your face vs your bum.

1) You can see it in your face. Has this chain of events ever happened to you? You step on the bathroom scale, see a weight loss of a few pounds, leap in the air with excitement, go to the grocery store, bump into a friend and she exclaims, “Wow you lost weight, I see it in your face?" Your face is always the first place that looks thinner, not your thighs, waist or butt. Your mug looks longer, creases form on your cheeks, and the skin under your chin starts to sag. You appear older — not the look you were going for.

2) Big butts do not lie. We are now in the age of the Beyonce & Kardasian butts. These two women have revolutionized the whole "Does my butt look fat question." People are even getting butt implants! This is life altering for those of us who've always tried to minimize their derriere. Thank you, Beyonce for making it a plus to have a plus sized prime beef rump roast.

3) Say no to bony butts. Along with the aesthetic value of a bigger butt, it helps to have a little extra padding there if you happen to fall down. As we get older, a boney bum can turn into a broken tailbone if you happen to slip on some ice. A little cushioning provided by a few pounds can help soften the blow and save you a lot of physical therapy.

4) Fillers are painful. Botox and other fillers for your face are costly and painful. Having a little fullness in the face gives a smoother look with fewer wrinkles. You can avoid the frequent trips to the dermatologist by eating that extra piece of pizza and letting your face enjoy the benefits.

5) Say no to plastic surgery. To take it one step further, you'll be able to postpone a facelift or other surgical procedures that tighten your skin. You also won’t walk around looking as if you are perpetually surprised or resemble Kim Novak on the Academy Awards 2014.

6) Your face is the most important part of your body. Your face is what people look at 90% of the time. Who walks around backwards? As long as your job isn't a docent at the museum and you're not inclined to do the moonwalk, your face is what's seen the majority of the time. You'll want it to look as smooth and wrinkle free as possible.

7) Eating is a pleasurable experience. You will be able to enjoy a good meal with friends rather than splitting a side salad and drooling over everyone else's entree. What could be more frustrating than eating a few pieces of lettuce and a green bean while everyone is gobbling up their scrambled eggs and bacon? Your face will have a big smile on it when it’s well nourished.

8) It takes too much time and energy to be on a diet. You won't have to plan your meals in advance and be in a constant state of hunger. Your face will not have a constant frown with worry lines from the stress of not eating enough green leafy vegetables and indulging in too many carbs. You can sleep comfortably and won't have nightmares about eating a piece of cheesecake.

9) Choosing your face will definitely help your mood. You won't be irritable and stressed about gaining a pound or two. People won't be bored listening to what your latest fad diet is and how much weight you've lost. You'll be a happier person — and so will they!

10) Having a flat ass doesn’t help your sex life. Your partner might hurt his hand giving a little love tap to your boney bum. Some men say, "The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin." Yes, men seem to like a fuller bottom.

So, what's it going to be? Do you want to live your life, trying to look like a runway model with an eating disorder, or would you rather pinch a little more than an inch and enjoy your youthful plump face. The choice is yours! Don't forget what Sir Mix-a-Lot says, "I like big butts and I cannot lie."